New in store, The Quintessential Patek Philippe Watch…

From a brand which needs little or no introduction, the Patek Philippe Calatrava a descendant of the iconic Ref.96, transcends generations and proves without doubt that, the words:

“You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely take care of it for the next generation”

Taken from their “Generation” campaign, ring truer than ever…

Pioneering horology since 1839, Patek Philippe has not only stood the test of time — they hold the title for the last “family owned” Genevan, high end watch manufacturer and are a household name in luxury.

Positively herculean in their field, they are renowned for their commitment to outstanding craftsmanship and minute attention to detail.

Held in the highest of regard throughout their history, they pride themselves on using age old traditional processes dating back to the nineteenth century and are innovators in ground-breaking advancements within their field.

So, what is it that makes the Calatrava so unique?

Lets start with a little bit of history…

Although its pure lines and timeless, understated elegance are everything that we identify in a traditional dress watch today, when it made its debut in 1932, Patek Philippe’s Calatrava was very much “A La mode”.

Choosing to do away with the diamond encrusted, elaborate designs associated with the turn of the century, the Calatrava signalled a departure from the octagonal and cushion shapes of the 1920s’ and introduced a clean circular simplicity.

With new, uncluttered crispness to the trends sweeping through architecture and design in Europe at the time, Patek’s new brainchild offered ergonomic construction and a stripped back, clear dial with unassuming baton hour markers and easy to read functions.

It was also the first to reference the now iconic four lily logo — a fleur-de-lis emblem known as the Calatrava Cross and trademarked by Patek Philippe in 1887…

A flagship model since its introduction, this 18ct Rose gold 2004 model comes with box and papers and has been placed at £12,750.00. Patek’s are known for their exceptional resale as often you find that they increase in value over time.

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