Scaling The Rainbow To Harness The Unicorn….

If you are a Rolex, and more specifically a ‘Vintage Rolex’ fan – you will be aware of the Red Submariner (Ref:1680)

Tough to obtain and highly collectable I have also heard it referred to as one of Rolex’s ‘Unicorns’
In other words, it is a rare and sought-after watch that everyone wants in their collection, and therefore when one comes along – it does not take long to be snapped up….

The ‘Single Red’ as it is known to collectors, gets its nickname from the colour in which its name is emblazoned on its dial. Arguably one of the most attractive sports models and certainly one of the most iconic, it sits in the same genre as the ‘Double Red Sea Dweller’, the ‘6265 Daytona’ crafted in 18ct white gold or the ‘Orange Hand Explorer ll’

The colour was a short-lived feature, exclusive to its 1680 reference making it one of the most exclusive and collectable timepieces on the planet! It was officially introduced in 1967 and its production ran until 1973 – although those dates do vary.

Only a handful of the original Red Dials still exist today as, were they to have required a replacement dial, they would have received the monochrome black and white version that we are all so familiar with.

A Few Facts about the ‘Single Red’:

  • The most obvious being – No design, other than this one features the ‘Red’ text on the dial (A feature which makes it incredibly easy to spot)
  • The last submariner to offer an acrylic crystal (After the 1680 reference all other Submariners feature flat crystals made from synthetic sapphire)
  • The 1680 was the first Submariner to feature a date function – a magnifying cyclops lens situated at 3 o’clock
    Pop culture at this time:
  • Pink Floyd released their most iconic album, ‘Dark Side of the Moon’
  • The World Trade Centre became the worlds tallest building
  • In a highly publicised ‘Battle of the Sexes’ tennis match, Billie Jean King beat Bobby Riggs – a former number 1 ranked men’s player

So, with all that being said – when the unicorn landed, it didn’t stay long…

One of our local collectors just happened to be in store when the call came in… When he heard about this grail worthy time piece, he was quick to add it to his growing collection. We are committed to sourcing vintage, rare and quality high end watches for our loyal customer base – sourcing, globally and exporting internationally as our reputation for hunting down those seemingly mythical creatures grows…. Stay tuned to find out what our next piece of magic turns out to be…

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