Presage 'Eternal'

There are just 1,000 pieces of this elegant ladies timepiece available globally.

The design of this limited-edition timepiece is based around a traditional Japanese legend of a strong independent woman: Princess Kaguya, represented on the watch with a crescent moon on the second hand and the ‘moonlight’ sky colours of gold and indigo.

The story tells of how Kaguya-hime, “the shining princess” was found and raised by a bamboo cutter and his wife to grow into a beautiful young lady. Declining marriage proposals from nobles and the Emperor himself by setting her suitors impossible challenges, she eventually chooses to return to her celestial origins on the moon instead.

Created for timeless style, the watch incorporates the precision of mechanical watchmaking with a classic wearable colourway. The discreet diamond on the crown – the symbol of forever – is a subtle reminder of how time changes, but the best things remain eternal. Each genuine enamel dial is a completely unique creation, so no two watch faces are the same. Fired by experts, each timepiece’s standalone beauty is within any individualities that the artisan methods create.

Seiko Presage: Timeless looks, precisely Japanese mechanical timekeeping. Minimalistic watch designs with a distinctly Japanese aesthetic.

All Seiko watches come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.


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