June Birthstone Pearls symbolising purity, power, wealth and beauty.

The birthstone for June is represented by pearls.

Pearls come in all shapes, sizes and in a range of colour. These days the majority of pearls are either freshwater cultured or saltwater cultured.

Freshwater cultured pearls are cultivated in mussels rather than oysters, and are mainly found among lakes and rivers in China. Mr Kokichi Mikimoto was the first person to successfully create the cultured pearl in Japan in 1893.

Pearls have been worn from as early as 3500BC and in ancient China pearls were believed to guarantee protection from fire and fire breathing dragons. They have long been a symbol of purity, power, wealth and beauty, the ancient Greeks believing that pearls were the hardened tears of joy from Aphrodite the goddess of love.

Pearls require no polishing to reveal their true beauty. I find myself mesmerised by the pearls mirror like mirage from its lustre.

Beautiful Cherry blossom ring by Shaun Leane

One of my favourite pieces we have in store that I wanted to share with you, is the outstandingly beautiful Cherry blossom ring designed by one of our innovative designers Shaun Leane, who fuses elements of tradition with contemporary design. As a keen photographer this ring just makes me want to smile. There is nothing nicer than watching cherry blossom petals blowing in the breeze.

Shaun Leane has used oxidised sterling silver, ivory enamel and complimented with diamonds and freshwater cultured pearls.

The ring depicts delicate branches that wrap around your finger, with the pearls representing closed buds and the enamel petals and diamond stamen of the open blossom.

In Japan the cherry blossom serves as an emblem for love and affection, they symbolize the shortness of life and existence as the blossoms only flowers for two weeks every year.

So with this ring you will be lucky enough to enjoy cherry blossoms all year round.

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