Grow Your Own Diamond

The ‘Grow your own diamond’ policy at Stephen Hughes Fine Diamonds is a great way of trading up your jewellery to the special piece you’ve always wanted.

Stephen is always telling customers that diamonds shrink but don’t worry, they don’t really, you just get used to them on your finger.

However if you feel like Stephen that your diamond has shrunk we offer a great ‘grow your own diamond’ experience.

  • We will offer a full 100% part exchange value on a Stephen Hughes manufactured diamond ring when you trade it in for a larger diamond
  • We will offer up to 80% on a diamond solitaire bought elsewhere
  • We will consider buying all jewellery in part exchange helping you to purchase the Stephen Hughes ring of your dreams

To make a ‘Grow your own diamond’ appointment, email a member of our team on [email protected] or call the store direct on 01792 462999


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Grow Your Own Diamond

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