Halo Engagement Rings at Stephen Hughes Fine Diamonds

Our showcase of the Halo Collection offers a wide range of styles to suite you and your desires. This design comprises of a central round brilliant-cut diamond, encased by a surround of smaller diamonds to create a sparkle like no other, seamlessly complimenting each other. You can also choose to add more diamonds, or even change the shape, nothing is off limits with our Halo Collection. 


The Classic Halo holds a diamond with an elegant diamond surround with a polished ring shank. As with all our bouquet collection, our suppliers have paid special attention to the fact that engagement ring sits alongside a wedding ring, for this reason we have raised the setting to allow the head of the ring to sit over any wedding ring of your choice.

Diamond Set Shoulders

By adding a number of diamonds in the shoulders of your ring, you are really adding to the sparkle of your Halo engagement ring. All of our rings are manufactured in the UK, so you can trust that they are made to the highest standards as well as your choice in metal.

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