Engagement Rings at Stephen Hughes Fine Diamonds

The Bouquet collection is our specially designed selection of engagement rings. Each diamond within this collection, is hand chosen to reflect our desire to deliver fine quality diamonds and crafted in both platinum and 18ct gold, manufactured in the UK.

All of the diamonds in our Bouquet Collection are natural and certificated by the three leading diamond laboratories; GIA, HRD and IGI.


A lasting symbol of your love

A natural diamond solitaire is a classic and timeless engagement ring design. Our curated collection is designed and manufactured in the UK, offering fine diamonds in the colourless and near colourless range which then are mounted in one of six beautifully crafted ring designs, available in both platinum and 18ct gold.

Diamond Set Shoulders

Adding a modern twist to the classic solitaire design is our Bouquet Diamond Set Shoulders collection, ideal for someone looking for some extra sparkle. We showcase our three most popular styles, all set with high quality diamonds to compliment the fineness of the centre diamond.


We are delighted to offer The Trilogy Collection, available in platinum or 18ct gold, this style has been carefully chosen as it is designed to sit well with wedding rings. The Trilogy style is very symbolic in representing a couple’s long lasting relationship; Past, Present & Future, through the three diamonds, allowing it to tell your story.

Fancy Trilogy

Following the success of our Trilogy Collection, we are proud to offer a larger selection to include fancy cut diamond trilogy rings. This collection has been carefully considered to be able to give you high quality diamonds with some added personality in the different shapes, you can truly find the perfect diamond for you.


Our showcase of the Halo Collection offers a wide range of styles to suite you and your desires. This design comprises of a central round brilliant-cut diamond, encased by a surround of smaller diamonds to create a sparkle like no other, seamlessly complimenting each other. You can also choose to add more diamonds, or even change the shape, nothing is off limits with our Halo Collection.


The popular Princess-cut diamond is a refreshing and modern addition to our core collections of engagement rings. They are square in shape and can give a unique look and sparkle through its geometric design as well as choosing our princess-cut diamonds to be high in quality, it effortlessly reflects its elegance and could be your perfect diamond.

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