August Birthstone – Peridot

Peridot is formed in rocks created by volcanoes. On rare occasions it can also be found in meteors that have landed on Earth from outer space. For over 3,500 years this gemstone was mined on the island Zabargad (known today as St Johns Island) in South Egypt. Today, Peridot can also be found in places such as Norway, Pakistan, Brazil, Australia, Myanmar (Burma), China, the USA state of Arizona and the Island of Hawaii.

One of only a few gemstones found in a single colour, although the shades of green differ quite considerably. Peridot has a colour range from brownish green, yellowish green to pure green dependant on the amount of iron present in the area it is found.

Peridot was believed to glow even after the sunset

It was believed that the gemstone glowed with its own inner light even after the sunset. It is said that miners would use the radiance of the stone to locate Peridot at night and mark the spot to mine the following day.

Did you know that Peridot was known by the ancient Egyptians as the gem of the sun? This is due to the yellowish green hues found within the stone. In later time Romans believed the gemstone had magical powers that could protect against nightmares. Even today it is believed by many to increase the energy of love, happiness and prosperity.

Peridot: The perfect gemstone to complement your summer wardrobe

Peridot’s warm bright green hues makes for the perfect August birthstone, the wonderful green colour is the perfect complement to a summer wardrobe. This lovely pre-owned ring of ours is light lime green in colour, its oval cut shows off the double facets making it ooze with lustre. Surrounding the stone is a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds which brings a little sparkle to the piece.

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