July Birthstone Ruby symbolizes love, health, wisdom and good fortune

Did you know that the word ruby derives from the Latin word rubers meaning red? Rubies are found in many shades of red, from rich darkish reds to pigeon blood red which has a blueish hue. The ruby’s red hues come from traces of the mineral chromium (aluminum oxide).

In history rubies have been regarded by ancient Hindus as the "King of Gems”. It was believed to protect its wearer from evil and bestowed good fortune on its owner.

"The glowing ruby shall adorn those who in July are born, then they'll be exempt and free from loves doubts and anxiety" extract from a Gregorian birthstone poem.

Rubies are one of the most desirable gems due to its hardness, durability, luster and rarity. Rubies are the second hardest natural mineral, second only to diamonds, the hardest of all gemstones.

In 1960 Theodore Maiman created the first laser based on a ruby and known as The Ruby Laser. The ruby laser is still used today in medicine and photography.


Rubies are red, diamonds are white, alone or together, a romantic sight

This month's birthstone is Ruby and I want to share with you this exquisite ruby and diamond claw set tennis bracelet. It is exquisitely set with 21 oval cut rubies totaling 9.80ct. These are linked with 40 brilliant cut bright diamonds totaling 1.85ct. All of which are set in 18ct white gold. The bracelet has a box safety clasp which is stylish, secure and hidden.

Set in an X formation the diamonds are representative of kisses as they join the beautiful rubies. The bracelet has a lovely fluidity and sparkle from every angle.

There is no nicer way to express love and passion than by giving a gift of rubies, this bracelet would be perfect as a gift for a July birthday or for a ruby wedding anniversary for lucky couples celebrating their 40th anniversary together.

Personally I wouldn't just keep this bracelet for special occasions; it should be worn and enjoyed. It’s beauty will be the talking point for anyone who sees it and with its secure clasp there is no need to worry about losing it.

There is no need for there to be someone special in your life to buy this for you though. You could treat yourself… they say diamonds are a girl's best friend and here with the added bonus of 9.80ct of rubies, this bracelet certainly has the feel good factor.


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